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After too many years of having my guitar sit in the corner, I decided it was time
to start playing again.  But I also wanted to learn and become better.  John’s
lessons have been invaluable.  He’s been a great coach to help me improve my
playing, but for me the real breakthrough is all the advice and guidance he’s
provided to improve my practice habits.  These lessons have been a great
experience, and I’d highly recommend John to anyone else with a guitar that’s
collecting too much dust!      
Steve G.

John Epp is a fantastic teacher and a phenomenal teacher. I came to see John for
lessons after being almost entirely self taught and without a lesson in over 6
years. Above and beyond endowing me with a greater sense of musical theory
and expression, he helped me break bad habits I had developed and greatly
needed to break in order to improve as a player. I would recommend him for
any age or experience level...the dude knows his stuff.
Craig H.

In the many years that I've taken lessons and continue taking them, John is
ALWAYS been kind, caring, sense of humor, and VERY PATIENT as a teacher.
The guitar is a monstrous instrument to master! His teaching style is one of
being "relaxed "no stress" and always encouraging. He will FIRST tell you what
he liked about your playing and then he will in a positive way tell you what it is
you need to work on. Nita M.
Guitar Lessons
Latest projects
Solo guitar arrangements for:
>Triste >Light My Fire >Fixing A Hole >Hey Jude >When You Wish
Upon A Star >Giant Steps >When It's Love
>Comfortably Numb >Eye In The Sky
>Let's Stay Together >Sukiyaki >Summer In The City >Tell Me Why
>Can't buy Me Love >Girl >Blue Moon >Blue Skies
Monday March 9, 2015

Guitar workshops at Guitar Showcase in San Jose California are fun place to
learn and share music.

Finger Style Solo Guitar
5 PM
With one guitar learn to play all the parts, melody, bass line, and chords and
rolled into one.  You need to have basic knowledge of bar chords and
reading music notation and/or TAB.
If you want to improve your finger picking, this is the workshop for you.  
Feel free to bring in projects you are working on.  "Blackbird" (Beatles),
"Landslide" (Fleetwood Mac) and "Home" (Phillip Phillips) are always fun to
work on.

Music Theory Workshop
6 PM

This is an open forum for students who want to know more about music
theory.  All questions are welcome.  We talk about soloing, modes, the circle
of 5ths, keys, improving note reading skills, all kinds of cool stuff.

Jazz Workshop
7:15 PM

For guitar and bass students: Popular jazz standards will be rehearsed.  Easy
parts to play and lots of help during this workshop.  If you want to just
watch and listen and ask questions, that’s fine. Bring your guitar anyway so
you can try the stuff out while you are there.  
The classification “Jazz” has a huge array of styles and is associated with
music that is harmonically more complex than folk, rock, or pop music.  
Learning about new tonalities and putting them to work to enhance your
music is fun.  Learning new chords will help train your ear and inspire new
ideas in your own music.

The workshops are upstairs in the SMI building next to Guitar Showcase.
It ends at 8:30.  You need to at least know some basic bar chords.

We will practice the tunes

"Nostalgia In Times Square" by Charles Mingus (blues in F)
"Solar" by Miles Davis (Key of Cm)
I teach at Guitar Showcase in San Jose,
California, Monday - Saturday.  
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on the following days:
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